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To everyone I met who thought they were something they weren't..

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To all those whose names appear in my work as co-authors, thesis juries (mine and those I led), thank you. I had the pleasure of sharing good moments with everyone, even if for some it was only at the end of the day. through epistolary exchanges. I hope the pleasure was mutual.
To all these I will add some names of scientists I have had the opportunity to meet, more or less briefly and that I particularly appreciated for their human qualities.

An intruder has slipped into this list of scientists:
Vincent Haudiquet

Statistics, humour and cycling: A good balance!

"After long hoping to publish the results of his work on cell differentiation to the electric saw, the French Eric Bouvier finished his scientific career in the tools department at Leroy-Merlin" (Vincent Haudiquet).

As a statistician in the pharmaceutical industry, he can rightly be proud to have published an article in a scientific journal: Phillips A., Haudiquet V. (2013) - ICH E9 guideline 'Statistical principles for clinical trials': A case study Statistics in Medicine, 22, 1-11.
He made the right choice to take an interest in Bayesian inference, which allowed me to meet him. in the 1980s.
Parallèlement à son activité de statisticien, il a mené une carière d'humoriste. Comme on peut le lire dans sa présentation:
"Bien qu'il soit probablement l'un des humoristes français les moins connus, il a su rester simple."